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Smoky Mayo Pasta Salad a.k.a. Smoky Cowboy Caviar

  • Author: Rosalynn Daniels



1lb or 1box of Ditalini Pasta (uncooked)

4 bags frozen corn

1/2 Red onion, diced

2 green onions, sliced

1 cup chopped cilantro

1 finely diced jalapeño pepper

8 strips smoked bacon, chopped (optional)

2 cups Queso Fresco Cheese

2 large avocado diced

2 cans of black beans, drained & rinsed

1 cucumber diced

2c Cherry Tomatoes (halved) (optional)


1cup Mayonnaise

3 Limes, freshly squeezed

1 lime zest

1/2tsp ground cumin

4tsp smoked paprika

3tsp salt

1tsp black pepper


Mix All Ingredients in a large bowl

Mix in your sauce and make sure everything is fully combine.

Refrigerate for an hour, then serve