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strawberry basil rose sangria in white wine glasses in valentines decor

Berry Basil Rose Sangria

  • Author: Rosalynn Daniels



1 Bottle of your favorite rose’

1/2 Pint Fresh Strawberries sliced

1/2 Pint Fresh Raspberries

1 Handful of Fresh Basil

4oz Agave Tequila or White Rum

12oz of Simple Syrup (optional)

12oz Sparking Water

Extra strawberries and basil for garnish


In a large pitcher muddle your berries, liquor, and optional simple syrup.

Clap your basil to awaken it’s flavors, then add to the pitcher.

Stir in your bottle of rose’.

Top with Sparkling Water and give one more good stir.

Serve immediately or let it marinate in the refrigerator for more robust flavors.

Garnish with strawberries and basil.